Latin Chef Celebrity Chef Pepin There is no other face, name and style associated with Latino foods and cooking in US Hispanic television than Chef Pepin. His mass appeal took his brand off-camera to become a true personality with celebrity status in the national Latino community from LA to NY.

Defining the American dream, Chef Pepin is self-made, innovative, talented and driven. These qualities, along with his quick humor, his unmatched charisma and down-to-earth approach to cooking, won the hearts of Latin audiences everywhere.

After more than 25 years on TV and fans spanning several generations, today “Chef Pepin” is a household name amongst Latinos.
Recognized as a credible source and fluently bilingual dynamic presenter garnered him English-language TV appeal to bicultural and non-Hispanic audiences. Among his on English language television: ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates across the country, Lifetime and Bravo, among others.

With his trademark chef’s hat and winning smile, Chef Pepín has been boosting on-air ratings for over two decades. His weekly segments on Spanish television’s #1 Morning show, Despierta América, (seen on more than 690 broadcast and cable stations in two continents), are highly coveted by Madison Ave.

In 2012, in an effort to make Hispanics aware of the importance of healthy eating, Chef Pepin partnered up with The First Lady of the United States and The White House to launch the Latino version of “My Plate”. In 2009, he launched a limited edition line of kitchenware and small food appliances exclusively available in stores and via online catalogs at, Burlington Coat Factory, Home, and AASEF Exchange.

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Chef Pepin was the first Latin celebrity chef to surface on Spanish television and to this day he continues to be the leading celebrity chef on Latin television.