Unilever/Knorr re-launched their brand with Chef Pepin at the center of its campaign, resulting in a 240% increase in revenue.

Latin Celebrity Chef PepinChef Pepin’s intimate connection with Hispanics, has resulted in unparalleled loyalty amongst consumers. Television commercials, Radio, Print, In-Stores, Social Media and Digital Interstitials – from 360 campaigns to local in-stores.  His innate ability to move product off the shelf in record numbers is legendary.

Coca Cola saw a 40% regional increase in sales in with a Chef Pepin coupon promotion.


How do you seize the retail opportunity with the largest, and most influential, demographic? Begin with a brand Latinos trust and the only icon of Latino American Cuisine.

What I don’t find easily in the supermarket are my Latin flavors we look for every day, like our mango, our mojo…Rebecca, 28 years old, Los Angeles – in regards to dressings and marinades

Among the opportunities: dressing/marinade, package-goods, cookware, tableware, dinnerware and small appliances.

Corporate Events

MasterCard, Best Buy and various pharmaceutical companies have been among the companies who have enlisted Chef Pepin to host store openings, corporate events and galas.

Chef Pepin has also hosted numerous team-building exercises at company retreats and happy hours.

Media Tours

Rigorously trained by Madison Avenue, Chef Pepin is a natural at delivering key copy points and brand qualities, while entertaining the audience on live TV, radio or in-store.


Short and long-form radio broadcast, including hosting live radio shows, interviews, recipes, quick-tips or just great story telling, as well as, National radio tours.

Motivational Speaker

Having lived an extraordinary life and being the epitome of the American Dream, Chef Pepin moves an audience with his story and secret to happiness and success. Coming to this country as a child, he’s a self-made man, husband, loving father and successful entrepreneur. He believes in being joyful, bold and true to one self.

Personal Appearances and Festivals

It’s not a party until Chef Pepin arrives with his signature smile and good humor.

Chef Pepin has stolen the front cover of the newspaper for his clients, many years in a row, at Calle Ocho, with his bigger than life personality and charisma. He is also phenomenal at live cooking demonstrations, sampling and brand messaging.

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Chef Pepin was the first Latin celebrity chef to surface on Spanish television and to this day he continues to be the leading celebrity chef on Latin television.