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Chef Pepín interviewed on Flipboard’s Red Couch Series

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Chef Pepín, the most beloved Hispanic Celebrity Chef, was recently interviewed by Flipboard for their Red Couch Interview series.

Flipboard, the most popular mobile magazine platform with millions of users is making major strides in the U.S. Hispanic market. Earlier this year, they launched the Latino Content Guide where they handpicked a select number of celebrities and influencers to feature their personalized magazines.

Chef Pepin Flipboard“I’m honored to have been chosen to be a part of this exciting initiative because digital publishing and magazines are the future. I want to make sure that new generations of Hispanics can access the recipes they grew up with and stay connected to their culture via food,” said Chef Pepín.

Chef Pepín’s magazine is named after his legendary slogan, “Con Chef Pepín Hasta el Fín,” a rhyming play on words meaning “With Chef Pepín Until the End”. In his magazine, Chef Pepín shares the latest recipes posted on his site and social media, as well as pictures and videos from his frequent TV and media appearances.

“How did you become the most loved Chef among Hispanics?” asked Josette Rivera, Flipboard’s correspondent in Miami.

“When Univision wanted to do a show catered to women, I showed up to the casting and they picked me. I couldn’t believe it!” answered Chef Pepín.

Despite Chef Pepín’s modesty, the fact is there is no other name associated with Latin cooking in US Hispanic television that’s more renown than his. His mass appeal and charismatic delivery took his brand off-camera becoming a true personality with celebrity status in the national Latino community from LA to NY. And now, he is bringing his beloved recipes to a new exciting platform for a digital generation to access and engage with.

Flipboard’s app allows people to personalize their own magazines by compiling content from different kinds of online sources such as articles, photos, videos and social media. The Flipboard App is available to download at the App Store for Apple users and at the Google Play App Marketplace for Android users. Give it a try and follow Chef Pepín’s magazine today.

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