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Chef Pepín surpasses 100,000 fans on Facebook

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Chef Pepín, the most famous Hispanic celebrity chef, surpassed 100,000 fans on Facebook this week in less than a year, showing just how beloved he is—both online and off—by the Hispanic community.

“His posts have one of the highest engagement levels I’ve ever seen”, said Jose Antonio Hernandez, manager and head of business development. “Not only are his fans commenting and engaging constantly with his posts but they are sharing them on their own feeds in record numbers”.

Over the course of the last year, the growth has been completely organic. His fans feel they can connect with him personally through this platform, as they have two-way communication with the celebrity Chef himself. The audience’s engagement is contagious with thousands of likes, hundreds of shares and comments per post and, of course, Chef Pepín responds to recipe questions and interacts with his fans on a regular basis.

Success like this begs the question: What’s in his secret social sauce?

“In one word: authenticity. I only share recipes I personally love or ones that the audience always asks for—and, because I know you’re wondering, desserts are always a big hit.” Some of the Chef’s favorites include: Stuffed Peppers with Ground Beef, Guava Pork Ribs and his legendary Bread Pudding. Chef Pepín continues, “I’ve been blessed to do the job that I was born to do, and feel as though I haven’t actually worked a day in my life.”

This personal approach to audience engagement has resulted in people really taking ownership of the recipes and making them their own. “We’ve seen fans become truly hands-on. Many cook the recipes for their families the same day they are posted and share pictures of their versions with other fans. This has really created a strong sense of community and true online engagement”, said Hernandez.

Ready to get cooking?

Every week, Chef Pepín shares his latin-fusion recipes on Facebook, as well as on some of the top television and radio shows in the country, including Despierta América, Univision América, Amor 107.5 FM with Javier Romero, among others.

We invite you to like Chef Pepín’s Facebook page to receive his latest recipes and join this growing community of Hispanic Foodies inspired by Chef Pepín’s legendary personality, charisma, and of course… ¡sabor!

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