Chef Pepín celebrates #OrgullosoDeSer Latino with Coca-Cola

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Chef Pepín celebrated the start of National Hispanic Heritage month by cooking a traditional latin favorite and one of his specialty dishes, arroz con pollo. Alongside his family and Despierta América colleague, Ximena Cordoba, he shared an intimate cultural family moment as part of the Coca-Cola #OrgullosoDeSer campaign, which celebrates Latin culture with Spanish names on their iconic red and white bottle labels. Chef Pepín, the top Hispanic celebrity chef in the US and beloved worldwide, was surprised with his very own Coke bottle as well as one for his family’s surname, “Hernandez”.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually in the US on September 15th through October 15th and celebrates the profound influence and contributions that Hispanic culture has had on this country. What better way to celebrate culture than through food and via the face of Hispanic flavor and cuisine, than with Chef Pepín!

As we all reflect on the many contributions that Hispanic talent, leadership, art, music, culture and of course food, join Chef Pepín, his family and Coca-Cola in celebrating el #OrgullosoDeSer Latino.

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